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SEO Cipher's main goal is to help you understand how search engines work and what you have to do in order to have a successful SEO campaign. We provide you with all the search engine optimization basics you will need to begin optimizing your own Web site. If you do not intend to do SEO yourself, then the information here will also help you find the right SEO company to fit your needs.

Learn the Basics of SEO in our easy to understand SEO guide. Even if you feel that you already have a pretty good understanding of organic SEO and Google optimization, we recommend that you read some of the articles in our basics section. Our hope is that you will benefit from visiting our site no matter your level of search marketing and SEO knowledge.

Search Engine Optimization Services

In addition to providing some helpful advice for free, we can also do hands-on SEO work for you and your organization. Our services range from on-page edits to your site to providing lengthy assessment documents that will function as a detailed game plan for you to optimize your search engine rankings. Every assessment that we write comes with post-document consulting so that you can better understand what we recommend as well as help you with implementation. We can also put together an SEO consulting package that fits your needs specifically, whether you are seeking a short or long term arrangement.

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Get Answers to Your SEO Questions

We understand that every Web site has its own unique set of circumstances. All industries have a different level of competition, and the ideal search engine optimization strategy from industry to industry may not be the same. To complicate matters even further, two sites competing for the same sets of keywords might have a completely different path to SEO success depending on what they have (or have not) done previously to optimize for Google and the other search engines.

If you think you know what your site needs but would like some confirmation, or if you have a technical question that is specific to your Web site, please feel free to contact us and we'll help you out. We can only answer a few questions at no cost, but hopefully it will be enough to get you on the right track. Please submit your SEO question here.

SEOCipher Blog – Recent Posts

Thoughts from Google's SEO Report Card
Recently Google released an SEO Report Card that they had distributed internally to Google product teams. They gave their teams some ideas about how they could improve their product pages from an SEO standpoint. After reading through it briefly, I thought it might be a good idea to summarize some of the key points for SEOs. There were a handful of concepts touched upon that fully justify recommendations that many of us routinely make...

How important is PageRank?
PageRank clearly affects Google rankings, but it is not as important as some people would lead you to believe. You do not need to have a certain amount of PR to rank for any particular keyword, and it's definitely possible to outrank another site that has higher PR than you. But don't delude yourself into believing that PR has no significance...

Do Google Profiles have SEO value?
The original posts are fairly old, but the issues are still applicable. Essentially, what he was testing was whether or not a Google Profile passes PageRank and/or link relevancy to your website. I was naturally intrigued because I'm trying to build this site's link profile from the ground up and I was wondering if I could possibly take advantage from a search engine optimization standpoint. I decided to comment on the entry with some of my thoughts...

Can keyword-rich URLs help my rankings?
The short answer to this question is yes, but the real answer is much more complicated. While we believe that having a keyword in your URL might be a small ranking factor, the more significant benefit comes if/when you are able to obtain external links to your intended landing page...

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