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I’m Jake Ward, a professional SEO marketing consultant based in the United Kingdom.

I help companies grow through advanced search engine optimisation strategies that drive more traffic, leads and sales.

I am the founder of Stride Digital, a digital marketing agency specialising in search engine optimisation services.

We work with industry-leading companies and have an amazing team of marketers who implement high-level SEO and digital marketing strategies.

So, what’s the purpose of SEOCipher I hear you ask…

SEOCipher exists for two main reasons:

The first is that I understand not all companies want an agency to handle their entire SEO and digital marketing campaign.

There are companies that have the internal resources to implement and only seek expert SEO advice, strategies and ideas without being locked in a sizeable monthly retainer.

They just want thinkers, rather than doers.

The second reason for launching this website is that I want to share my SEO insights to help you better understand search and to release secrets on the blog that companies pay me to find and solve.

So, SEOCipher was born.

Separate to my agency with the sole purpose of personally helping companies with tailor-made, innovative strategies and ideas that deliver real results and achieve company goals.

Please note, I know the website is very bare right now. I’m working on the design as we speak. 😊

Professional SEO consultancy

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